Finances hold a great part in our life, especially if it is about the Marriage. As soon as the discussion starts, the first question that arises is what are the finance figures of the groom? How wealthy is the family and what are the chances for future expansion. While knowing whereabouts of the financial status is a must some people simply cross the limit by taking all these things too seriously rather greedily.

If anyhow financial status shakes after marriage things become more complicated.  In fact, things go to the point of disturbance that there is no other way out than separation. Here are a few scenarios how Financial Status affects a marriage:

Mine, Yours, Ours


The first thing that financial insecurity brings into a marriage is the feeling of ownership in the partners. They start counting on the things they own individually. Say the car that the bride had before marriage or the savings that the husband accumulated as a bachelor. They start dividing their assets not literally but in their minds.

The spenders and the savers


There are two types of people the spenders and the savers. While the later is into saving mode no matter what the financial terms are the former are into splurging. If these two personalities meet as a couple the good times go well but the bad times are something to be worried about.

The Powerplay


No matter how well we accept the term of gender equality, when it comes to financial power the patriarchal society entitle it as a manly thing. And God forbid if he doesn’t earn but she does, the marriage doesn’t seem to have a long runway. The ego clashes and the power play turns the marriage down.

The hidden secrets


It is often seen that people come to the altar with lots of financial baggage. And most of the time, these financial liabilities are kept hidden. This makes the relationship sour as the other person loose the feeling of trust and dependency. A feeling of betrayal kills all the other feelings and the marriage ends even before it actually starts.

Though the world is still a good place and people understand that the materialistic happiness is unpredictable. Sadly, such people are a few in numbers. Hence, every second day some marriages get sacrificed in the name of standards, money and status quo.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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