Marriages in India take into account many people, not just the groom and bride. Both their families have a lot of fun and enjoyment during the marriage days where they tease each other and have fun during different ceremonies. The most beautiful and fun loving relationship is that of the groom and the bride’s sister, loving she is called her sali. 

Entrance ceremony


Now before the groom enters the marriage hall, he is required to cut a ribbon tied by her sali and her friends. Here, she does not let him enter the wedding hall unless he pays a fair amount to her, cousins & friends. Some bargaining and negotiations go here also.

Jutti Chupana ceremony


The bride’s sister is the groom’s sali and she lovingly teases her jija, (sister’s new husband). Even during the marriage ceremony, they have a lot of fun and laughter. During the marriage ceremony, she takes off her jija’s jutti (the footwear is worn by Indian men on their marriage day) and hides it. Later, she gives back his jutti, only when he gives her the desired money she is asking.

The funny part is that when the groom takes off his jutti during the seven phera ceremony, she hides his footwear. You can definitely see a lot of negotiation going on with the money during this ceremony. At times, the groom also gives her sali a gold ring for the jutti ceremony and after receiving her reward, she happily gives the jutti back

What after marriage?


Even after the marriage, the sali becomes her jija’s close friend and the teasing and fun talks and laughter always becomes the part of the house. You can easily see in India that the fun jija and sali have by becoming good friends over some time. Jija and sali relationships are a unique, yet distinct and a fun one. They both are usually of the same age and enjoy each others company.

Written By: Kriti Nanda

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