Dating, a commonly heard word nowadays, is something which people have absorbed in the current scenario but does that mean love has lost itself in all forms. The world of dating has attracted the younger generation so much that more and more people are getting attracted towards dating, rather than getting involved in a serious relationship.

With so many dating websites available and more people getting access to the same has witnessed blind dates, going out for the first date has become quite common. Moreover, nowadays people feel a serious relationship as a burden. Dating is a good thing, but just getting in and out of relationships might make things difficult for you.

Why have people become fonder of dating?


The answer to this question is pretty simple, let’s understand some below-mentioned points clearly stated:

No commitment


Commitment nowadays is considered as a very serious thing by many youngsters. They feel it is unnecessary to get involved in a serious relationship when it is quite easy to date the opposite sex. Commitment nowadays feels like being bound to someone, which many are not interested in.

Dating sites, social media making things easier


Yes, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that dating has become quite easier with dating websites, social media and chatting platforms like Facebook, What’s app, Viber etc. has made it easier for men and women to get along well over chats and in some cases they haven’t even met each other, but became friends over such platforms and started dating each other.

Separation – The easy way out


Often, people who are in a relationship if unable to continue being with each other separate, chances of resolving an issue in the case of a major fight, misunderstanding becomes less and they feel separation is the easy way out.

True Love: Is it lost somewhere?


People have somewhere lost the essence and meaning of true love. In many cases, a convenience friendship is considered easy by both the persons. This makes easy for anyone to walk out, anytime they want.

Dating, a really great way to find your soul mate, should be the way to find that one special person, not many.

Written By: Kriti Nanda

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