Indian culture advocates many types of marriages. The ancient Hindu literature sings the folklore of many religious sanctions which are highly acceptable in most of the categories of Indian society. They say, in India, marriage is not a relationship between two people taking the vows but it is a ceremony that binds the two families together. Also, the couple is said to be owned by each other for next seven births.  Though some of the Hindu marriage types are recognized as unacceptable and people have stopped following them, here are 8 types of Hindu marriages that are more or less still in trend:

Brahma Marriage


This is where the father of the girl holds the right to find the best suitor for her and give the girl as a gift in Kanyadan. The girl is adorned with gold, makeup, fabricated clothes and presented to the groom who takes the oath to keep her in the same state for life long. The family of the groom does not ask for any other favor apart from this and hence Dowry comes up as an unacceptable thing. This is the most honorable type of Hindu marriage and most widely accepted trough out the country.

Daiva Marriage


Here the right for finding the suitor lies with the father of the girl but due to unavailability of any right match the father decides to present her daughter to a priest. This was a method followed in India and only by with the Brahmin caste person can become a priest here. This marriage trend is no more followed.

Arsha Marriage


This marriage is not justified in the Hindu scripture and is considered a bad ritual. Here the suitability of the groom is not the criteria rather the father of the girl presents her to any person who presents him with a cow and a bull. This is more of a business transaction than a marriage.

Prajapatya Marriage


This marriage supports Hinduism the most. The father of the girl blesses the couple and assigns them their civic and religious duties which they are bound to perform throughout their life. This is the only type of Hindu marriage where both the bride and the groom are considered as equal parties. The marriage is completed by the father giving a sacred mantra to the couple for dutiful Hindu living.

Gandharva Marriage


You know it by its modern name, yes; we are referring to “Love Marriages”. This type of marriage is performed by the consent of the bride and the groom alone. The couple usually fled away and performs a secret wedding.  This is the ideal type of marriage if considered from the “Kamasutra” way as it is the passion and the love that brings the two partners together.

Asura Marriage


Here the groom is bound to pay the “Bride Price” an amount that is accepted by the bride and her family according to their status in the society. This form of marriage is still in trend in some tribes and castes of India. The only deciding factor here is greed and not the compatibility of the groom.

Rakshasa Marriage


This marriage was followed in ancient India by the Rakshasa clan. The girl was forcefully abducted by the groom and his partner and all her family members were killed. The woman here was considered as a war price and boosted the pride of the man winning her. It was also followed by Kshatriya caste people.

Paishacha Marriage

An awful type of marriage that is no more known to the civilization, the Paishacha marriage was where the man would steal the chastity of the woman while she is intoxicated or asleep. Then the woman was left with no choice but to marry the man.

These are the many types of Hindu culture that must be known to us to know the marriage bond better. Thankfully, only the justified and mannered marriages prevail.

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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