Indian wedding is the richest in terms of rituals and traditions and one of the most important rituals of an Indian Wedding is the ceremony of “Saat Phere” or “Seven Vows”. The seven spheres hold their significant meaning and as the couple proceeds from one to seven, they commit to each other many promises that they take an oath to keep throughout their life. The seven spheres are known to bind the couple as one for the next seven births they take. Each sphere is taken around the holy fire while the priest pronounces the pious wordings. This is the only ceremony after which the couple is announced as man and the wife.

The religious importance and the meaning of the seven spheres are given below:

First Phera: The prayer for Nourishment and provision


As the first sphere starts the couple prays to the God that may they get all the essential nourishment and food to lead a happy married life through which they maintain respect for each other. They pray the almighty to give them power and strength to walk together in search of food and other essentialities.

Second Phera: Seeking strength


The second sphere binds the couple to grow as one mentally, physically and spiritually to lead the path of the married life. They pray to the God to make them one soul with two bodies, always wondering about the good of the other.

Third Phera: The wish for prosperity


The couple here wishes for a prosperous life together. While the man wishes to earn to fulfill his family’s need the wife pledges to ensure that whatever the man brings home she will make good use of it. They both promise each other of loyalty and honesty and take each other as the only man and woman in each other’s life.

Fourth Phera: Respect to the families


In this sphere, the couple takes an oath to respect the elders of both the families and to always ensure t o take care of their wellbeing. They pledge to grow the family bond stronger together.

Fifth Phera: Wish for Progeny


The couple seeks the blessings of the almighty to bless them with healthy and adorable children in the wedlock. They promise to give the best upbringing to their children and also to be very responsible parents.

Sixth Phera: For healthy life


As they take the sixth sphere the couple prays for a healthy and disease free life for each other and their families so that their married life would be harmonious and balanced.

Seventh Phera: For love and friendship


As the couple reaches the final seventh sphere they swear to be loyal in their relationship and nourish it with love and friendship. They ask the almighty to give them the power to lead a healthy and happy married life where they respect and love each other’s likes and dislikes.

This is when they become a married couple for all their life. From here the lovely journey of a man and a wife starts.

Written By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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