In India, weddings are usually a three-day affair. Once you are engaged you give your best to stay prepared for all the ceremonies that you will be a part of before you get married. Ganesh Puja, Mehendi, Haldi, sangeet and finally, the big fat Indian Wedding. But, do you know that the ceremonies after the marriage are even same in numbers, yes, in this cultural land of traditions and ceremonies the bride and groom have to be a part of many ceremonies post marriage also.

While the groom stays cool throughout the ceremonies (thanks to the comfort of this territory and the knowledge about his customs) the bride has her doubts about performing well during these ceremonies. It is always better that you know what all are the rituals that you need to take part in once you get married. Here are some Post Marriage customs in India every bride should know about:

Griha Pravesh


This is when your in-laws welcome you to your new home warm heartedly. This is the first time a bride enters her husband’s home and is celebrated with great festivities. The ladies of the house welcome the bride and place a Kalash filled with rice on the threshold of the house. The bride has to topple the Kalash with her right foot scattering the rice.


In some parts of the country the bride has to dip her feet in a liquid made of vermilion and leave her footprints on the floor of her new home as she enters in. Another community celebrates the new bride coming by making her hands print on the wall right next to the doors. The hand prints are made by turmeric.

Muh Dikhai


Celebrated in the Northern part of the country, Mooh Dikhai is a great custom for brides as this is when you get the gifts from everyone. The ladies of the house lift up the veil of the bride and offer her the blessings and gifts, welcoming her to her new family This ritual is also performed in Rajputs, Gujratis, and Muslims. Even the young members of the house welcome the bride with their gifts and affection. However, the men are prohibited from performing this custom.

Fun Games


The groom’s family organizes many fun games to celebrate the new member in their family. The games are played between the bride and the groom. Some of the games are played to find out that who will be the dominating one in the relationship, however, it is in a fun way.

Pag Phere


Probably the one custom that the bride cherishes the most, Pag Phere is when the bride visits her parental home the first time after marriage. Usually, the bride’s brother comes to take her back for the visit. The bride is welcomed in her parental home with great festivities and the occasion is celebrated lavishly. This is an occasion to make the groom more comfortable with her in-laws.

These are some customs that are followed widely around India. If as a bride you know about them it will be easy for you to perform them and make a good impression.

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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