Marriage is always seen as a way of getting ‘trapped’ into commitment world. Many people complain about losing their freedom and free space. But now with the changing time and culture, there are groups of youngsters who are willing to get married in a form of escape from strict parents. Especially those in their early 20s are considering this as a great opportunity to get hitched so that they can be free to live their lives as they wish. It includes frequent night outs, parties, outing, adventure trips etc.


In India even today many families are conservative and they don’t prefer their girls to socialize much and moving out before marriage is definitely not an option. The best option is to get married and enjoy your freedom with a loving and liberal partner. Nowadays young guys prefer a stress-free, adventurous life and when young girls find such a match they instantly get connected. Young couples enjoy long bike rides, parties, drinking sessions at home and clubs these are also among few things which girls couldn’t do earlier. This is the main reason they love the freedom post marriage.Girls depend on their parents for each and every decision but post marriage they can lead their life on their terms.It is because of the freedom which they enjoy after getting married. They consider it as a great opportunity to grow up and have fun without being questioned.


Parents interfere is our life at times and that is definitely that they mean only good for us but many times it gets beyond the line. Like in today’s time girls do work in odd timings and shifts, it is very difficult for girls to explain the importance of career and make them understand every now and then that they are safe and can take care of themselves. This is basically due to the generation. But the case is different with husbands, they understand and respect career oriented girls and they also understand the demands and odd timing involved in corporate jobs because the age gap is very minimal and they are also part of the same industry.


In our country moving out of parent’s house is considered a big no and also once after a certain age getting married is considered as life’s only goal. Parents usually don’t treat girls like an adult till a big decision is taken. When a girl argue’s with her mother about going on trips with friends the only answer which they get is that they can do whatever they want to after getting married. So, many times people find getting married as a great opportunity to enjoy the freedom for which they were longing their entire life. It is mostly to live their lives the way they want. This is the reason that although many find them young but are ready to get married.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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