Marriage between a couple is not just the union of two hearts, but also a profound union of two families who join the couple for their big day. India is a diverse country and many religions are followed here and accordingly many rituals are undergone which have traditional significance. These traditions hold a strong value in the hearts of the people and this is the reason they follow the traditions with excitement and craze.

Kalire and its history


In earlier times, kalire were hand made by the family of the bride by tied small pieces of coconuts, shells, metal and beads and the bride used to wear it. Nowadays many different styles of ready made kalire are available in the market.

Kalire for the bride to be


Punjabi brides are usually tied with kalire by her friends and sisters. She is wearing a chooda and to that many kalire are tied. Golden, silver colored kalire are available in the market. Nowadays colored kalire like red or pink are also available to match the bride’s attire.

Significance of Kalire


The kalire are dome shaped which signifies that the new bride will never run out of food in her new home. Also, the metal of the kalire gives the bride wealth.

What after the kalire is tied


After the kalire being tied to the hands of the bride, she shakes both of her hands and her friends, cousins, sisters all put their head below her hands. Now it is said, that on the girl who’s head a part of the kalire falls, she will be up for marriage next.

After the marriage


After the marriage, one kalire can be left at any temple near your house. The other kalire can be saved by the bride as a memory of her former house.

You can mostly see the chooda and the kalire ceremony taking place in the Northern part of India.

Making you look pretty!

Kalire adds an extra touch of beauty towards the bride. She looks all the more beautiful wearing kalire. Nice shots of the bride can be taken wearing kalire.

Written By: Kriti Nanda

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