Talking about the history of Kanjivaram sarees, it is the silk sarees which have been woven since years from the villages of Tamil Nadu. The kanjivaram sarees have been a dominant influence in South India for many years now. These sarees have been influenced by Pallava temples and paintings. Pure mulberry silk thread is used for weaving these sarees. Beautiful kanjivaram sarees are made by a combination of colorful threads.

Design and styling of kanjivaram sarees

Kanjivaram sarees have wide borders and the common designs found on these are floral patterns, borders, stripes and checks. The highly priced sarees are those which are woven with silk and gold cloth and mostly worn during special occasions like marriages.

Why do brides prefer to wear Kanjivaram sarees:

Many South Indian brides love to wear Kanjivaram sarees on their big day, here are few of the common reasons why so:

An expensive range to flaunt on the wedding day


Kanjivaram sarees are priced widely from INR 2500 – INR 50000. These sarees being priced heavily showcase some of the most beautiful sarees to be worn on your wedding. The brides can showcase beautiful jewelry and flaunt themselves in the lovely colored Kanjivaram sarees. Zari work done on sarees make them more expensive and a good wear for days like engagement, wedding, and reception.

An excellent choice


The decorative Kanjivaram sarees require about 20 days for getting woven. The sheer magnitude of the colors, shades, textures and designs of Kanjivaram sarees are an excellent choice for the bride, giving an elegant touch on the wedding day.

A mark of culture for the South Indian Bride


Kanjivaram sarees which have been woven since ages in South India is a mark of culture and tradition and this is the very reason why most of the South Indian brides love to wear these sarees. Also available in vibrant, bold and colorful shades, these sarees make a wonderful choice.

The lovely shades and contrast of Kanjivaram sarees make them a definite choice for many South Indian brides who look lovely on their wedding day.

Written By: Kriti Nanda

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