Every woman is special and when this special woman makes a wife she becomes one of her kind. Yes, the world has many types of wife based on their behavioral and personality aspects. But, India for sure has a vast variety of wives. In fact, the Indian wives are the most talked about than the others. Sometimes for their loyalty and faithfulness for their husbands and sometimes of the many traits the hold (you must have the head of “Tiriya Charitra”). So, we just tried to make a list of the many types of wives that our Indian land homes. We succeeded in finding put 7 of them though the search is still on. So as of now here are the 7 types of wives you will definitely find in India:

The Clingy Wife


This type of wife loves to stay at home and take care of her family. She has little confidence in her and seeks the support of her husband in everything from big to small. She is immature and lacks the power of decision making as well.

The Cranky Wife


A wife that masters the art of melodrama is what we are talking about here. She knows when to sniff when to cry and when it is the time of sobbing. She uses her emotional weapons and gets everything done as and how she wants.

The Dominating Wife


This type of wife makes the phrase “Joru ka Ghulam” come alive as she is always on her husband. No matter what the things are to be done her way and no other way.

The jealous and possessive wife


Most common of the types, a possessive and jealous wife is always insecure for her husband’s love. She can’t bear her husband in the company of any other female and always keep a check on the whereabouts of him. She is the one who calls hundred times a day just to ensure where her husband is.

 The supportive Wife


The best of the types, the wife here understands her husband the best and support him in all his endeavors. She stood by his side through all thick and thin and lives to every duty of a wife.

The Independent wife


She is the modern age wife who believes in gender equality. She earns, she takes care of the home and her family and she is happy in everything she does. There is no one who could restrict her expect herself.

The sacrificing wife


A typical Hindi film wife who always thinks of the others and for this, she sacrifices her desires and wishes. She does everything to make her husband and family happy and thinks about her own self in the last.

These are the many types of wife we have in India. Now it is your chance to analyze and find out what type of wife are you??

Written By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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