In today’s times when relationships are being formed from a very early age, it would be wrong to say that only the fairer sex are emotional. Men, on the other hand, put correctly are more emotional than women. There are times and incidents that many couples have seen in through their relationship?

Men V/s Women: Who is the stronger one?

This is not a competition, but still, when talking about emotional terms, men may be stronger on the outside, however, they are not that strong when it comes to the emotional side. Women have a lot more patience, perseverance and emotional strength to work on whereas men get affected emotionally by small terms.

Are men really emotional, let’s see

Below put are few points which can help you explain:



Mom might be dead worried about you, she will keep on blabbing something or the other about her child, their safety. Father, on the other hand, might be quiet and won’t say much, but on the inside, he is equally attached to the child and worried about their well – being a mother.

Financial crisis


Research have shown that if a couple is hit by financial crisis, the man gets more physiologically and emotionally hit than the women. Of course, the financial matters are of equal importance to both, but women are stronger emotionally to cope up with the situation in a better way.

Job trouble


Either men or women, both can fall for the job trouble or get terminated from the company (due to recession or poor performance etc.) however females are emotionally stronger to stand again and go and look out for the next job, compared to males who get emotionally weakened.

Relationship worries


A man might not cry like a woman in a relationship, but she has more strength to stand up again and move on forward with her life. Men, on the other hand, are seen taking drastic measures like suicide, drug overdose or getting physically involved.

A woman really has to be by her man at all times, as the emotional level of disturbance among men are much high.

Written By: Kriti Nanda

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