A seaside wedding is fast becoming a popular choice among young couples for celebrating their big day. And as for me, I personally don’t think there would be any bride who would say no to a perfect seaside wedding. The sound of the tides going and down while is the perfect way to say ‘I do’.


If you are planning a beachside wedding with your partner in India, Goa or beaches of the South can be a perfect destination. If you are planning a wedding outside India, Florida, Miami, Mauritius or Maldives can be a great location for the wedding.

If you are planning a seaside wedding, there are great ways in which you can make the big day special. Let’s check out a few of them:

Private or Public Beach


By far, first and perhaps the most important thing to decide is to make a selection of either private or public beach for your wedding. The public beaches are usually crowded by the people, however, for a private beach, you can always have only your family members.

Guest List & Guiding your Guests


If the choice of your beach location for the wedding is an unknown one for many people, make sure that your guests are properly guided the way to the beach. You can also get welcome baskets placed at the site of the wedding for guests to know.

Fancy Entrances


A beach wedding has ample of space and can give you way for some creative and unique wedding entrances. You can also have pictures of the both of you somewhere at the entrance gate to inform people easily of your wedding.

Sound System


The sound system at a beach wedding should be a good one because the noise of the wind and water tides at times can make it difficult for the guests to enjoy the party with great music. Hence, you need to ensure there is no compromise on the music system.

Written By: Kriti Nanda

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