Are you all set to propose your girl for marriage? If the answer to this question is yes, New Year is the perfect occasion to propose her just as the clock ticks twelve, zoop you go with your ring and see the charm on her face.

Beach Proposal 


What can be more romantic than proposing your girl on a beach under the moonlight with sparkles and crackle work bursting in the sky. Get ready to get down on your knee as the clock ticks twelve and just adore the expression on her face. She won’t be left with any other choice than to say ‘yes’ to such a lovely proposal.

Proposal in the Club


Are you both planning to spend the New Year in a club where the two of you can just dance, dine, drink and have a wonderful time together? If this is your plan, don’t even drop the slightest of the hint about your proposal, just drop the ring in her drink and she will be mesmerized by your way.

Celebrate at a special spot


Now, this special spot can be the place of your first date, try to take her into celebrating the New Year at that very place. Now when you have almost convinced for the special place, plan everything in style, right from ring proposal to candlelight dinner and anything else.

Go to her favorite destination (for an extended New Year)


This year the New Year’s Eve is on the weekend and there can’t be a possible way of taking your lover to a romantic destination, in the hills, by the beach or elsewhere. Plan a holiday once you finish partying on the second day at her favorite location and let her fall in love with you once again at the very same location.

Believe me, these ideas will definitely help you woo your lover and say a definite yes. Make sure to carry her favorite flowers, chocolates, and a lovely gift apart from the ring!

Written By: Kriti Nanda

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