Knock-Knock!! Is that New Year 2017 on the doors?? Yes, but things are keeping you from welcoming it?? Things like demonetization, over exceeded yearly budget, cash crunch, month end or any other unexpected expenses in past few days. Does that mean you are not going to celebrate the arrival of another awesome year? That’s unfair… How can you do that to yourself? And how could we let that happen when we make such good friends?

Yes, the past year has been awesome with you guys and we wish to have better and more prosperous relationship for the years to come. Yes, as always we are here for your New Year Eve rescue as we present some really cool New Year party ideas just for you two which do not ask you to break any bank. Here they go:

# The backyard Camping


You own a house which has an awesome backyard, great!! That is what we are exactly looking for this New Year Party. There can be nothing more exciting a romantic that spending a night with your partner camping. You can make arrangements for cooking, some music, and a makeshift tent to put things into perfection.

# A night of laughter with memories


Ok, this one is a great idea to ensure you have great bonding in the upcoming year. Here ask your partner to share the fun memories you made in the year 2016. Yes, both of you must share the memories that you made either together or with friends and family. Remember you need to share only fun memories to make the perfect mood for the celebrations.

# Light, Music, Dinner and a Flute of Champagne


What can be perfect than a date style celebration? Welcome, the New Year in date style merriment. You can arrange some good Champagne and make your favorite food as far as music is concerned we are sure you have that arranged always. Dress in your best clothes and admire the time you spent alone, drenched in romantic showers waiting for the clock to rang twelve times.

# Become Nostalgic


There was something that pulled you towards your partner. Remember how your love started and blossomed. Start recalling your memories and make a perfect memory trail in your virtual world. We are sure this would be the best way of celebrating the end of a love filled year and welcoming one to make more love.

# Plan Ahead


A rather serious approach to the coming year, you may take it as an opportunity to plan for the next year. Set your career goals together, do financial planning, take care of friends and family and think about expanding your family.

We wish you have a great time celebrating you last eve of 2016 in one of the suggested ways. Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 in advance. May the year brings you love, prosperity, health and strengthen our bond to infinity… J

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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