The relationship of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been interesting, especially in Indian background. The said relationship is said to be the most sensitive of the relationship because it involves two ladies that are deeply in love with one man. While some of the mother and daughters in law go a great way around, it is not the same for others. Often the bond of the relationship is strenuous and has the possibility of any negative outburst.

While daughters-in-law must respect her mother-in-law, it is equally important for the mother-in-law to understand her and be a little less bossy. If you wish to build a good relationship with your daughter-in-law here are 7 things that you should never say to her:

If I were you, I would have done it this way


The first thing you have to understand is that your daughter-in-law is an adult and has come too far doing things in her own way. She understands what the right way to do anything is and you suggesting her or advising her might not be a very good idea for both of you. This may make her feel as if she isn’t good enough to do anything.

You should treat your children like this


It is the right of the parents to decide how they wish to raise their children. It is not at all a good thing to tell your DIL how she would treat her kids. They are her kids and a mother knows the best for her children.

Great, but my son likes it when I do this for him


Once your son is married to her, she knows what are the likes and dislikes of him by now. If you try and tell her what your son likes about you doing the things might just give her an idea that you are willing to compete. Definitely, not a good idea.

I wish to play with my grandchild, when are you giving me one


The decision of when to have a child is something personal to the couple. If you ask her continuously the question about their family planning, it would irritate them rather. They need to be ready to raise a child themselves even if you are ready to take care of the baby.

Did you know your child likes banana?


Did you just tell a mother what her child loves to eat? There is nothing more offensive than that. Never present an idea to your daughter-in-law for the likes and dislikes of her kids.

Things were a lot harder in our times


Your daughter-in-law might be under the pressure of many things that includes home, kids, office, etc. amidst of this if you tell her that things are easy today, she might feel you disregards her efforts. Things would be different in your time but it is always tough to strike balance in life

They insisted on staying awake, so I let them


Your daughter in law would have set rules for her kids and you definitely have to obey them. If you inspire the kids to break the rules, they are more likely to disobey their mother.

To maintain the harmony in the relationship it is the best to never say these things to your daughter-in-law.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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