Wedding date fixed, all preparations done. Oh god damn it, hello says my periods. Just two days left, so much pain and I won’t be able to enjoy the day I have been longing for so long, now!

God, this is unfair. Hating it to the core!

If this is what you are going through, chill Girl we have got some serious hacks that will make you forget your periods altogether and you will be enjoying your day, the way you wanted to before.


All you got to do is grab a pack of tampons for yourself and be going. The fitting won’t be affecting any of your attires’ fittings. Wear anything and everything you had always thought of. These tampons are saviors. Go to any medical corner and grab them, or Buy a menstrual cup and use it, if that is comfortable to you.

Taking a painkiller; If you have painful periods, all you need to do is consume a meftal spas, that is what usually gynecologists usually refer. But, you should consult a doctor depending upon your body type and condition for a smooth one. Better Safe Than Sorry!


Keep that smile on, feel the moments as it won’t be coming for the 2nd time in your lifetime. The more you are positive, the more positive the situation becomes. Drink hot liquids without any miss as they help in keeping calm! It acts as a pain killer too! Stress is nothing but energy buster- Take deep breaths, and Eat whatever you want, without a doubt and avoid all the cramps and call your period- A Happy Period 😍


Don’t creep out, it is normal. A natural phenomenon that you cannot crib about!  In case you are aware beforehand and have sufficient time, ask your gyneac if she/he can delay the same or prepone may be!


All in all, accept with a smile. You don’t have to suffer always!

Make a statement by enjoying your periods. Share your such experiences and we will make you the style for the continued series of the same wedding article! 

Written By: Fenny Luthra

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