India is the land of diversity. Different types of food, religions, languages, customs, people. The most immensely hit Indian sector of this diversity is Indian marriages. We do not need to mention the varieties of food, welcoming ideas, décor and fun activities we find in an Indian marriage. The Indian weddings also notice another array of diverse personalities, the Brides. Yes, we said Brides and you heard that right. India is a place where we find many different personalities and when these personalities make up a bride they look magnificent. So, here we are talking about 8 different types of brides that we find in India:

The Sharmilee Bride


The most common type of brides found in India is the “Sharmilee Bride”. Ones those love their veil and do not want anybody to look at their perfectly made up face other than there would- be husband. They are shy in nature and this trait is quite visible in their personality.

The Bindaas Bride


The exact opposite to the Sharmilee Bride, our Bindaas Bride is not at all shy. She makes a great entry and ensures that every eye catches her attention. This type of brides is also becoming common these days, thanks to the modernization.

The Sporty Bride


Another version of Indian Bride is the Sporty Bride of the 21st century. The bride chooses her attire according to her personality and also tries to make all the arrangement in the theme as well.

The Bride with Swag


This category of Indian Brides has got some attitude that they love to show off. They know what to wear and how to carry it perfectly. They choose the makeup intricately and make the best of their looks.

The Unmanaged Bride


This type of bride has the perfect outfit, best of the makeup and some really helpful bridesmaid to ensure everything goes smooth but still they are unmanaged. Not to say but this type of bride often make a bad of themselves in public. Poor they!!

The Sexy Bride


Here we categorize those brides who are celebrities like. They know how to look awesome and their curvaceous body accentuates their looks. The bride leaves a twinkle in every eye with their ravishing look and overall appearance.

The Show off bride


There are some brides who ensure that people get to know about each and everything related to their wedding. They keep on telling how pricey their jewelry is or which designer lehenga have she purchased for her.

The emotional bride


Though all the brides are very emotional at their wedding Day but there are some distinctive brides who are always crying. Be it mehndi, sangeet, wedding or bidaai they make a good cry seen. Maybe they cannot stop their emotions from coming out.

So, guys, these were the 8 types of brides we find in Indian Marriages, what type of Bride are you???

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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