Marriage is one of the biggest transformation in one’s life. One has to undergo numerous changes in order to adapt the new lifestyle and schedule as per the convenience of both the spouses. Several such decisions are much more difficult than we think, such as thinking of your spouse while taking a decision, keep the in-laws happy, bride leaving away her 25-year-old home, both spouses changing their way of living with respect to each other including their bit to bit habits. But institutions like marriages can be run only on the principles of love, mutual understanding, respecting each other’s priorities and wishes. Earlier marriage was forced onto people irrespective of the nature of the marriage and irrelevant to how both spouses are complementing each other. Now the world has been transitioning positively. We humans are more aware and understand the responsibility of our actions. Today we will go through the instances of how is life after divorce, including the stress, relief, positive and negative attributes.

Stressful situation


Life after divorce is not an easy word to digest. Initially, when one goes through a divorce the situation is very stressful. One can’t concentrate on any work and think about the decision he/she has taken. One may feel regretful and remember that how life was used to be and all, but it happened for a reason and betterment of you as well. Accept the truth and move on. This stress won’t be helpful in any manner and will harm you only in the long run.

Parental figure of the kid


The second devastation one feels is the life of a kid of any divorced couple. Remember both the spouses forms a parental figure of the kid, though you are no more together still you have to raise him/her as a parent. In this manner, all the three members will be happy. In short, any situation or feeling can be overcome all you need is a right approach.

Main cause


Next is one get depressed and a question that- maybe I wasn’t right? Maybe I am not a good parent/husband/wife? It is all my mistake! I shall do this that etc. etc. Take a breath and revise why did you take this decision, why was it significant, what were the main causes and biggest of all could you have been better while staying in that relationship. Don’t feel bad or hurt or alone. Companionship and intimacy are just a part of the life, and there are several other people who love you and want you to be happy and contented.


Review your lifestyle, your decisions, your independence, your satisfaction level after the divorce and all this short term mess would seem fruitful to you. Always remember these decisions are needed to be taken wisely. Don’t rush with them and weigh if this is the only option left with you. Consult your family members and close friends, ask for their advice. This will help you to take better decisions and support needed from your family.

Written By: Fenny Luthra

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