Indian is a land of many cultures and many of these cultures advocates of a day wedding ceremony. While day weddings are quite comfortable in terms of arrangements and all it can take a toll on the bride because the heavy makeup that she wears tends to melt off. Even during the winters the sun doesn’t leave the bride alone and does its work in making the makeup loose her skin easily. Though waterproof products have come to her rescue but they too fail miserably at times.

Definitely, as a bride you do not want to look smudged off at all, worry not we are here with some amazing tips to ensure that your look remains the best throughout your big day with these 4 fantastic tips:

Prepare your skin


The first tip is to make sure that your skin is prepared for the heavy makeup during the daytime. You need to close your pores to assure that you have a skin that is even textured and sweat proof at the same time. You can do this by simply applying a face pack on your face half an hour before you start the makeup regime. Choose the best face pack according to your skin type and apply it. Let it dry and once it is dry wash off your face.

Ice for your rescue


Ice is your best friend in this. Just before the makeup artist starts showing his master strokes rub some ice on your face. You can roll it in a muslin cloth and rub on your face in circular motion. This will prevent sweating by closing the skin pores. It will also help you in getting a velvety finish skin on your big day.

A fix for your do


We are sure that you must have chosen the best of the waterproof makeup products for the big day but they too might ditch you at times. Hence the best remedy here is to use pancake foundation. Apply a little bit of pancake foundation under your normal base and water proof your look.

Adapt the basics


Do not experiment much with your makeup products. Stick to the kohl, mascara, and liner for your perfect eye makeup. In lipsticks use matte lipsticks as they fight the best against sweat and say a big no to lip glosses because they tend to mix with the sweat and make a stick result.  A makeup fixer is a must for you so ask you, beautician, to give you the finishing touch with the best fixer.These tips will help you to keep the best look till long and appear as the most mesmerizing bride ever. Happy Wedding!!

These tips will help you to keep the best look till long and appear as the most mesmerizing bride ever. Happy Wedding!!

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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