Getting married is a great deal for the girl. And why not, after all, it is a childhood dream that most of us have seen since our childhood. This is when you leave your parental home to make a new home of your’s where you live with love all around.


However, choosing the right partner and making the decision to start a new life with him is a critical decision to make. The primary reason that we all want to get married is to live the obligations of the society, let go the pressure of the parents and in search of finding a partner for life who may give us sexual, mental and material satisfactions.

Though these are the solid reasons one girl wants to get married there are some amazingly funny reasons as well. Do not believe us?? Here are a few of them, just have a look:

To grab the chance to dance as a couple


You never got a chance to dance as a couple in the social gathering but once you are married people ask you to do so. You can match your steps with your partner and tap your feet to some amazing music of your choice.

Chance to become the center of attraction


There is no denying the fact that the bride is the most important person on her big day. Who doesn’t like some extra attention, especially when you are a girl everyone is admiring around.

A chance to shop till you drop


Lehenga, sarees, dresses, jewelry, footwears, makeup, purses and much more the list of the things a bride needs to buy before her marriage is huge. The girl getting married gets a chance to buy her all the stuff a new and what is more, there is no one to put a limit on it except you.

Bridal makeover


Now all of us accept the fact that no matter how ordinary you look the bridal makeup makes you a diva instantly. Being a girl the inclination towards makeup is natural. And when it is a complete makeover that makes you look no less than a celebrity getting married is worth it.



Beaches, short dresses, amazing surroundings and lot of sex, in a zest this is what honeymoons are all about. This can be an inspiration for the brides to get married. The honeymoon is a vacation full of luxuries, where you get enough love and attention to quench your thirst of interests.

Because you can no more tolerate being single when everyone else is getting married:

Yeah!! Most of us just want to get married because we are the few left in our groups to get married. The social media updates of your friend’s happy married life bug you a lot, igniting the fire of desires to get married.

Aren’t these some ridiculous reasons to get married? Do not laugh alone share and pass it to others.

Written By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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