Mangalsutra; one ornament that describes the status of an Indian woman holds a great importance in Hindu Culture. On one hand, it is just some black beads tied together with a gold string with a beautiful pendant on the other it is everything that a married Hindu woman has to cherish. The symbol of the union was once very traditional in appearance but with the hit of fashion, nowadays the Mangalsutra comes in pretty striking designs.

The diversity of the designs makes it a little tough for the ladies to pick up the best one for them. Hence, as always we have come up with a simple guide to help the brides-to –be in picking the best Mangalsutra design:

Check Your Budget


The first step towards buying a Mangalsutra is setting up your budget. The prices of Mangalsutra have a varied range depending upon the style, cuts, metal and stones used. Finalizing your budget helps you in narrowing the options available.

Pick on the metal


Traditionally a Mangalsutra is made up of Gold only, however with the shift in tastes they now come in silver, white gold, platinum, etc. You have your budget decided now you need to explore the many options under your budget. Choose the metal of your choice and get a beautiful selection of the Mangalsutra.

Choose what your heart says


Do not follow trends, you are an individual and need to have your own say on your choices. You need to decide that what type of mangal sutra you want. If you are planning to wear it daily you need a rather minimalistic design whereas if you will wear it occasionally you can go for heavy and more traditional designs.

The Pendant design


One key factor about Mangalsutras is their pendant design. Lightweight pendant, heavyweight pendant, simple design, heavy design are some of the types of Mangalsutra pendants. Choose some that you like and then try them wearing them to check how they suit you.

Decide the length


Mangalsutra is available with different chain length. You must choose the one that matches your personality. While long chained Mangalsutra is something for tall brides, a short chained Mangalsutra can be worn by both short and tall brides.

The design


You can decide on the number of beads you want in your Mangalsutra. The design of the Mangalsutra chain changes accordingly. If you want more of metal you can also get the design done in that way.

These are some things that you need to keep in mind while buying the perfect Mangalsutra to adore your neck.Your Mangalsutra should be special after all it vouch for your nuptial relationship.

Written By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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