We all enjoyed seeing Zareen Khan dancing to the peppy beats of the item song in Ready. But this is not when she entered Bollywood, Zareen was first seen in Veer, and got a lot of criticism for her overweight personality. She even got body shamed for her petite look. But, the later avatar (Ready) just took our breath away.

While all of us thrive to attain a curvy body and fail miserably (thanks to our drooling tongue and lack of will power) Zareen Khan has walked a long way to shedding a whopping 43 Kilograms. Yes, you heard us right; the super sexy Zareen Khan was once a huge baby with her weight ranging around 100 Kilograms.


When the actress shared some of her vintage photographs on social media it was then the world came to know how hard she has tried to achieve her fitness goal. She slammed many faces with a face palm when she came as a seductive Bollywood diva by shedding oodles of weight that too in a few months.


The message she shared was equally inspiring as were the pictures. The actress wrote: “Came across these pics of mine from school and college days. (White one was in std 9th & pink one was right after my std 12th exams). When I look at these pics I feel proud of myself today not that I felt any lesser abt myself back then. In spite of being so big, I never let ppl’s comments or ideas abt me bother me. Bcoz it’s my life and my body and only I have the right to decide what I’m gonna do with it. Then one day I decided to let me try how it feels to b a little lighter and hence started my weight loss journey. It wasn’t easy at all but every time I looked at the Progress in the mirror I got the push to do more. I had lots more energy than before and I was loving every bit of this new person I was transforming into.
When I became a part of this industry, I had lost all my weight … In fact, I was asked to put on weight Fr my first film to look the character. Unfortunately, I was criticized to no end Fr my weight but again I never let that get to me. How cud I? That ppl had not seen me like the way I am in these pics here. And Fr me everything was jus an achievement to reach from where I was to where I am.
I continued on my fitness journey irrespective Bcoz fitness Fr me is a way of life now. Along with the weight loss came a lot of stretch marks but instead of feeling ashamed of it and trying to hide it, I believe in flaunting it. It makes me feel like a tigress with her stripes. I have come a long way in this journey of fitness and I still have a long way to go… Bt it’s always been only for me and not Bcoz of ppl shaming me!

#MondayMotivation #SayNoToBodyShaming #LoveYourself

This indeed brings many inspirational vibes for the ladies out there who struggle with losing weight. Zareen gives the credits of her weight loss to her strong will power, stringent workout schedule and her gym instructor Yasmin Karachiwala, who was with her through thick and thin.


Zareen Khan’s workout schedule comprises of pilates, yoga, cardio, weight training, swimming, jogging, and spinning. Zareen is more inclined towards pilates and spends a good one hour doing them first thing in the morning. She has weight sessions thrice in a week.

Diet Secret


Unlike most of us who starve themselves in order to shed those extra pounds,  Zareen ate her heart out. The only things she avoided were fried food, sweets, and processed food.

Her diet included

Breakfast: Two egg whites, with Brown Bread Toast, Sprouts and lots of Fruits

Lunch and Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Stir Fried Veggies, and Brown Rice.

Snacks: Clear Soups, Sprouts, and Coconut Water.\


Zareen Khan has set some real goals for all the Bollywood actresses with her bold looks and chiseled body. By becoming a complete transformational girl from being bulky and obese to sexy and figured; Zareen gives motivation to most of the ladies out there.

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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