Indian weddings are full of rituals. However, the celebrations start well before the big wedding in the form of per-wedding ceremonies. Haldi ceremony is considered as the most important per-marriage ritual. This ceremony is carried at both groom and bride’ place. The Haldi paste is applied on both groom and bride to add more sparkle and beauty.

It is general a belief that by applying haldi on to the body of groom and bride, the beauty of both of them would increase more on the wedding day. During the Haldi ceremony, the families of bride and groom apply haldi along with rose water. Haldi is applied on the bride’s face to bring out more sparkling skin for her much awaited D-Day.The function is usually held on the morning of the wedding day.


The vibrant Haldi ceremony is performed differently in different parts of India, in some places atta (flour) and rice is added to the haldi. Few mix haldi with milk, sandalwood powder. Few others mix it with rose water. This paste is then applied on the bride and the groom’s face, neck, hands, and feet, by their near and dear ones.It usually depends on their respective rituals and traditions. After applying the haldi, it is left to dry and then later showered to bring out the glowing skin at the marriage event. All the family ladies gather to sing folk songs for celebrating the occasion. The relatives of both the families enjoy pleasantries, sweets, snacks and drinks along with bride and groom. Hence, the Haldi ceremony is an important ritual and is celebrated just like a wedding.

Below are few significant reasons to celebrate Haldi ceremony.

To Prevent Evil Eye


Old people believe that the main reason for applying haldi is to protect the bride and groom from evil spirits. After the Haldi ceremony usually the bride and groom are not allowed to leave their respective home, till their wedding time.

Auspicious and Purity


The yellow color of turmeric is considered to be auspicious in our Indian traditions and turmeric is also termed as a holy spicy. The auspiciousness of the turmeric and its color brings prosperity and good fortune in couple’s life who are starting off their new life together.

Glowing Skin


In olden days there were no cosmetic, beauty treatments, and parlors available.,we Indians always followed ingredients at home to get a glowing beautiful skin. Undoubtedly we have our own natural beauty secrets to ensure that the couple looked radiant and wonderful on their wedding day. When it comes to healthy and beautiful skin, Haldi is known to have properties that leave the skin fair and glowing.



Turmeric is very well known for its medicinal properties, it is considered as an antiseptic. Applying it before marriage would ensure that the bride and groom are blessed with blemish-free and healthy skin.

Blood Purifier


Haldi has always a special place in spices because of its medicinal properties. It helps to purify and clean the body. It is known as an effective exfoliating and detoxifying agent. After the Haldi ceremony, when the paste is rinsed off, it helps in getting rid of dead cells and makes the skin glowing and beautiful.

This is why the Haldi ceremony is such an inseparable part of the whole ceremony.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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