Finalizing your look for the big day is indeed a great task. You need to choose what suits you the best and what accentuates your natural beauty. While choosing the attire and the matching jewelry is important finalizing the perfect makeup options is equally important.

The makeup fashion trend changes with the blow of the wind. Today the darker shades are in the vogue and tomorrow it would be the time of nude colors. However, following the trend always is not a very great idea. You need to understand that it is not always that the trend is good for you.

Trends are set as a universal style statement, buy your skin tone plays a great role in finalizing how the trend goes with your looks. Hence choosing something just because it is trendy isn’t right.
Lipstick: the beauty for your lips

Choosing the perfect lipstick is an art that not most of us are familiar with. Different shades play different roles with different skin complexions hence you cannot choose one for all. Here is a comprehensive guide suggesting you the right way of choosing the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone:

Buying a Lipstick


The best way of picking up a lipstick is to try it for your skin tone. This tells you what color suits you perfectly and which one is not made for you. The tip of your finger has an almost similar skin tone that with your lips. Hence trying the lipstick on the back of your hand is a fail and you must try it on your fingertip instead. Mark the lipstick on your finger and place the finger against your face, if it flourishes it is the right color for you.



The first step toward buying the best color for your lips is determining your skin tone. You may have a wheatish skin tone, fair skin tone or a dusky skin tone.  You also need to know the undertone you have got. We have two types of undertones cool or warm. If the veins under your skin appear blue you have a cool undertone whereas if they are green in color you have a warm undertone.

Fair Skin


Medium shades are your best friends. You should not experiment much with the dark shades as they might not be a great match. If you have a warm undertone, coral colors are your thing and for cool undertones, mauve and mocha are the right choices.

Dusky Complexion


Bright shades are a big NO for your skin tone. You may try pink but a darker one. You must go for berry and brown shades which look the most flattering on you. These colors are great if you have a warm undertone but for cool undertone, caramel red, brownish red and brick red are a great deal.

Wheatish Complexion


The best part about having wheatish complexion is that you can have the liberty to choose any color of your choice. You can have a rich color palette with shades ranging from brown to pink to red to peach to orange. Just a little restriction of nude shades and you can carry a great look.

Dark Complexion


If you have dark complexion than there are no Oranges for you. You can rather go for brown, red and even purple as they look flattering on your face. For warm undertones walnut, copper, honey, and bronze are some excellent choices and for cool undertones wine red and ruby red is the best.

This guide covers all the skin tones and states the best and worst color for every skin tone. Consider the tips and get the perfect shade for your lips that looks pleasing on your lips.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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