There is nothing more miserable than a single, lonely soul; if you think the same you are wrong. The most miserable feeling in this world is being a lonely married soul. None of us get into a relationship with the intention of becoming a depressed soul, all isolated. For, those who think that marriage is an effective way to kill loneliness, this post is going to be an eye-opener.


In India, the statistics state that there are more than 45 % of couples where either of the partners suffers from the feeling of isolation. While some of them get their best face in a divorce the other live a relationship that has nothing to boast about.


Isolation is a silent killer of every relationship. It is better to have some misunderstanding than having nothing to talk about. After all, no one dreams about a relationship that hollow. Isolation kills your relationship silently, gradually and painlessly and once the harm is done it comes out to the sorest of the grieves.

What is isolation?


The Merriam-Webster states isolation as “the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others”. But it is not all that it is when you are forced to be excluded, yes when somebody excludes you.

As painful it sounds it is more than that. Having distance with that one person whom to thought to be the closest is something more than killing alone. You lack intimacy, you lack closeness and you lack the love you aspire for.

When there is isolation in a marriage you stop communicating, you talk but do not communicate. You get involved in physical relationships but do not get intimate, you have everyone around you but inside you are all on your own, “ALONE”.

Some signs of Isolation


  • The feeling that your partner does not understand you or do not listen to you.
  • When all you get is Who Cares? , Why to Try? attitudes.
  • The inability of meeting the spouse expectations or unable to please him/her.
  • The feeling of detachment.
  • Feeling of them going their own way.
  • Not sharing the problems.
  • When keeping the peace by avoiding becomes more effective than experiencing the pain of a conflict.

Though you keep a happy façade on your face but the feeling of isolation kills you inside. Many marriages go a long way in this only way but most of them die a ruthless death.

The choices


You need to work on the isolation that is there in your relationship or is growing slowly. The choices you have are:

  • Take out time and share things intimately with each other. Let your spouse be an integral part of your life.
  • Never go to bed angrily and do not let the things on tomorrow. Solve the matter right at the place.
  • Think as one and live as one and you will go a long way together.

The bond of marriage is too strong and one has to nurture it wholeheartedly to get a long way with his/her partner.

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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