Marriage is all about love and bliss, but it may not be so great for your health or waistline. The honeymoon is one of the most beautiful phases and the best part of marriage in a newlywed’s life. It is that time when just after the hectic ceremony and rituals of marriage the couple wants to get pampered, relax and indulge in best of everything, including delicacies and food. During this phase of your life, you literally throw away all your worries about the weight gain. Apart from digging into food, there is no physical activity involved during the first few weeks immediately after the wedding. Which indeed add-on more weight on the waistline. All this would just add up more calories. Here are few tips to get rid of post-honeymoon weight gain.

Help in Household Chores


You can burn out the extra calories that were gained during the holiday. Try to do all the household chores yourself. It is a nice way to earn some brownie points from your mom-in-law. Starting from sweeping, mopping to cooking and from dusting, cleaning to washing, each of these activities will help you shed off some weight and will definitely keep you in shape.

Prioritize Healthy Eating


Fulfill your tummy without putting on calories.Prefer soups and salads over pizza and burger. Make green vegetables your new best friends. They keep your tummy full without adding on the weight. Replace cooking oil with olive oil, butter or some other healthier options. Try munching healthy low-calorie snacks and sugar-free sweets.

Workout Together


After returning from honeymoon, get back to your previous fitness regime as soon as possible. It is a good way to spend time with your better half while trying to do so, you also can stay fit and burn some calories. Start from a morning walk, try to join a gym along with him or a dance class together will help you two to get some alone time and burn some kilos too.

Enjoy Green Tea


Flush out the toxins from your body by having 3-4 cups of green tea.It will burn those extra calories that you might have gained over the vacation. Apart from this, green tea has many other benefits related to skin. Sipping a green tea is a win-win situation for sure. Drinking 8-10 glasses of lukewarm water is another great option that you should add to your daily routine religiously to get rid of that extra weight. Apple cider vinegar is also a  great option which can be consumed in empty stomach to flush the toxin out.

Say No To Junk


Staying fit is very important for everyone. Try and keep yourself away from digging into junk food, high calories diet and completely avoid acknowledging sweets tooth. Stay away from sweets for a while, no matter how appealing and delicious they look. You can avoid further weight gain by just saying a simple ‘no’. Try replacing a piece or two of sugar-free desserts if you are craving for sweet dishes. Sugar-free desserts are easily available these days, but it should be in moderation.

An easy way to shed the weight… isn’t it??

Written By: Chahat Ani

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