Champagne is one of the lavish drinks in the world defined by its aroma and sparkle. It is produced from the grapes grown in Champagne region of France.  It is fermented under specific instructions to create carbonation for the particular taste and type. The costliest bottle costs around $2.07 million dollars. Moreover, researchers have claimed that two – three glasses of champagne each week can counteract the memory losses with aging. In the earlier days of champagne, manufacturing workers observed some corks being blown out of the bottles prematurely, so they started calling it Devil’s Wine and attributed it to the spiritual beings.

We can observe the elegant bottles of champagne around us in several parties enhancing the class and decor of the venue. Let us get ahead and know better ideas to apply them to your parties.

  • Champagne is incomplete without their flutes. Try different styles of flutes to lure the attention of the invitees. Either use lustrous gold-silver glasses or sober white designs. One can also use name tags to mention the name of guests and their respective champagne flutes.






  • Decorate the table with the glasses and bottles to create the magical aroma at the venue and amaze the invitees.




  • Try placing the chilled champagne in bucket across tables to mesmerize the guests with its charisma. You can even place bottles with tags saying “I Do” to grab some eyes and make the occasion’s experience a unique one.

Try unique glass styling around the venue and check out the feedback of the guests.

  • The most attractive champagne decorative item is a champagne fountain.  This one always makes people drop their jaws and speechless.



  • The decoration is not limited to these glasses and bottles. These can be put on walls to enhance the style and theme of the party. Use your creativity to decorate the walls and entrance to the venue.


  • The idea of bubble bar is also trending these days. It is another element of surprise for the guests and appears very pretty in the premises.




Written By: Fenny Luthra

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