India is a country that is considered to be one of the fastest developing countries in the world when it comes to technological and socio-economical developments. However, there are some societal norms, now considered being obsolete and unwanted, which are still carried forward since several centuries, under the name of religion. Some of the practices that have been widely abolished in the past century include Sati and child marriage, however, some of the practices that are still being followed in the timeline of Indian society, includes the taboo on the name of inter-caste marriages.

The current adult generation of India has been accepting enough to allow the inter-caste marriages to thrive but not so openly. Here, we present you some of the unknown and interesting facts about inter-caste marriages in India.

Fact #1


According to a survey that was conducted not so long ago (in 2014), only about 5% of marriages that occur in India belong to the inter-caste category. Considering the fact that India ranks amongst the top nations which are undergoing the development currently, this number is staggeringly low.

Fact #2


In some of the Indian states primarily Haryana, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, honor killings are performed in order to prevent inter-caste marriages.

Over 60% of the honor killings that occur in India in the name of inter-caste marriages happen in Uttar Pradesh itself.

Fact #3


Only a very small fraction of less than 10% of the South Indian population is engaged in the practice of inter-caste marriages. Considering a high literacy and education rate in southern Indian compared to the whole of northern India, this is a very less number.

Fact #4


The trend of inter-caste marriages is said to have started from the nation’s cinema capital Mumbai. According to the pages of history, 149 simultaneous inter-caste marriages were conducted in Mumbai.

Fact #5


Some of the weird mentalities that are the cause of an uprising against the inter-caste marriages involve a try to maintain the pure genetic line. It is proposed by several scientists in the past that human DNA has the chance of survival only if it is mixed and matched. Considering solid scientific facts against the common mentality of people, we can see that people prefer sticking to the societal norms.

Fact #6


Bollywood is something that is very close to the hearts of Indians. TV and movie stars are worshiped like deities in India and it is highly noticeable that these stars promote inter-caste marriages rather than stand against it.

Some of the famous couples in the film industry who themselves have engaged in the act of inter-caste marriages include

Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwariya Rai

Dharmendra and HemaMalini.

Fact #7


The state of Goa has the highest number of inter-caste marriages all over India (26%) followed by Meghalaya (25%) and Punjab (22%).

Considering these facts it is high time that India adopts the concept of inter-caste marriages and moves on with its social development race faster and faster.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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