Did somebody say diamonds?? Diamonds are probably the best thing a girl could ever buy for her. Wearing a diamond set on her big day and having that perfect look is the dream of her. But, buying a diamond isn’t as easy as it appears. Diamonds are a big investment and indeed these precious stones come in many varieties as well as there are many imitations available in the market. One can easily get confused while buying diamonds.

If you too are willing to wear these glittering stones on your big day and are worried about buying the perfect pieces, here are 4 key tips that will help you in finding the perfect diamond:

The 4 C’s: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat


The 4 C’s are one of the important things that you need to understand while buying diamonds. They might appear as simple terminology but hold a great significance in diamond buying:



The best of the diamonds do not have any color. There are many colored (red, blue, green, etc.) diamonds available in the market buy they are a different category altogether and a rather expensive one. There are many gem certification organizations that have professionals who certify the color of a diamond. This process is performed with a naked eye by placing the diamonds over a bright plain background. This is an effective way to check the diamond color ever if you are buying a set. Place it on a white piece of paper.



From clarity, we refer to the blemishes and the inclusions. These are the internal and external visual characteristics of diamonds. The diamonds may have a bubble, fissures, or any other type of imperfection. As per the imperfections, the diamonds are graded in different categories.



This is the most important characteristic of a diamond. How the diamond appears and what is its scintillation depends on its cut. The cut only let the diamond sparkle or reflect the prismatic colors. The perfect cutter might bring a whole new life to an imperfect stone as well. The one identification of a well cut diamond is that the light enters the diamond from the top, touches the bottom and then exits from the top only.



Carat is a unit used to measure the weight of the diamonds. This term is many times misunderstood as a feature of the purity of the diamond. One carat is equal to .20 grams. It is nowhere related to the ability of a diamond to produce scintillation.

Hope these tips help you out the next time you go shopping for diamonds. They are simple and just make you realize one thing, “BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER”

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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