Writing down your RSVP might be a troublesome task as you would like to have the best and unique words to send to your guests. No matter how much worried you are there is no right or wrong format for sending RSVP. You may just explore your creativity in phrasing the sections to make sure that your guests understand the motive and fill in the details comfortably. To make this a little easier for you here are some great RSVP ideas and format for your wedding:

The traditional way


To sought out the purpose of RSVP, the classic most way is to ask for the assurance of the presence of your guests on your wedding by offering them an assigned date. You may request your guests to intimate you their status till this date and accordingly make the necessary arrangements. Some examples are:

Kindly reply by April 1st.

Kindly let us know by 01-04-2017.

The favor of your reply is requested by April First.

The elegant way


If you wish to make it a little more formal you may try asking your guests elegantly about the status of their presence. It would also present the idea of a graceful and sophisticated wedding to your guests and they might be more than excited to be a part of it. Here are some ideas:

Accepts with Pleasures

Decline with Regrets.

Delighted to attend

Regretfully cannot join you.



For some happening and exciting RSVP wording using contemporary style is the best option. You can ask your guests in a very casual tone what’s their program for your wedding and trust us this makes the guests more curious to attend your fun filled wedding.

Excited to celebrate with you.

Sad to miss all the fun.

Deal me in.

Sitting this one out.

Bags Pack Ready to Go.

Hate to say can’t make it.

Funny and clever


Add some spark to your wedding invites with funny and clever wedding RSVP wording and make your guests hard to say a no. A quirky way to call up your guests is to send them some quirky RSVP ideas so that they could get to know what they are going to miss if they have to say a no.

Let’s get rowdy.

The show must go on without me.

Free booze? Yes Please.

In a nutshell… I am lame.

Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The world isn’t enough.

Hope these ideas are just what you are looking to make your RSVP unique and enticing. Try the best out of them and get rocking responses from your guests.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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