Videography is the best option to relive your cherished moments all over again as and when you want. And when it’s your wedding a good video becomes a must, just to remind you of the grand festivities that you had to make your special day more special. Looking back to the video tapes a generation before; the wedding video appears so different what we see today.

Nowadays the wedding video runs as a film that has a perfect start and a happily ever after ending. If, you are a bride to be and are considering which would be the paramount option to capture the best moments of your life here is all you need to know about Cinematic Videography (the latest technique you see) and the Traditional Videography:

Traditional Videography




As the name says, it is the classic way of capturing your wedding with continuous shots. This form of video making does not demand much creativity and is a mere presentation of what just happened in your wedding with some extra effects (the background songs and the presentation).  There isn’t any storyline specifically and you might call it the real presentation of everything that is captured by the videographer who chases you throughout your marriage ceremony.

Indeed a cheaper version to get your wedding videotaped, traditional videography lacks the emotions that you would expect in this era of technology. However, if you truly want to get it done in the traditional way, choose the best videographer for the job.

Cinematic Videography






You must thank technology and some amazingly creative minds those brought the revolution in the wedding videography sector. Cinematic videography has come up as a boon for the couples to get a beautiful story of their marriage videotaped.  The cinematographer (the person who films your wedding) treats your wedding as a film story and accordingly captures the movie with a theme and goal in mind. The wedding video has a definite theme that comes into life with a perfect intro, story, and climax.

There are many options available in this section. You may choose the theme you want, the idea of props you wish and even how to showcase the happily ever after ending. Cinematic videography is the modern way to present your marriage story. You must choose, what hits your heart and you will have a beautiful video of the most important event of your life.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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