You are going to get married man!! Congratulations!! Where is the party?? We will rock your bachelor’s party but…… This is a money crunch “but” that has the power to ruin all the excitement of your bachelor party until and unless you know how to through an awesome party on a low budget.

Bachelor’s party is an inseparable part of the modern marriages of the current age. It is the time you spend as a bachelor enjoying with your groomsmen the last few days of your bachelorhood. But, if your friends are suffering from some money crunch, does it means there would be no bachelor party?? No, with some of our amazing low budget bachelor party ideas you and your friends can bid goodbye to your bachelor days in a rocking way.

Sport’s Night


You can plan your bachelor night when there is some exciting game coming over the television or you have a chance to see it live. Just, gather your friends and enjoy watching your favorite games with a round of drinks, food, and lots of cheers and excitement. A great plan that never misses.

Karaoke Night


You may hire a room or just turn your own room into a karaoke station and let your friends sing their heart out. The feeling of both excitement and the embarrassment would double up the fun of your bachelor party. Serve your guests some drinks and lip-smacking food and your party is complete.

Go trekking


If you are blessed to live near a hill station, take your squad for a one-day trekking trip to the mountains. You can enjoy the serene beauty of nature and strengthen the bond of friendship with your boys. Plan to cook a meal for yourself when you reach your destination and boost the excitement in all.

Just Barbecue


Grill, drinks and best friends is the most deadly combination that you could make for your bachelor’s party. Keep a good stock of the food that you are going to grill as the party would never end if you have a good cook with you.

Road trip


There is nothing more fun than going out with your boy squad on a road trip. You can enjoy the ride to a place that you have never seen or just revisit that one place where you made memories of your friendship.

These amazing ideas are surely cheaper and also exciting for your bachelor party. So, what are your plans now, do share…

Written By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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