There are immense changes in your life post marriage and the biggest of all is to move out into a new home. It is not easy for a girl to leave the place where she has lived since she was born and has made millions of memories. On the top of it, the fear of not seeing your parents every day surrounds you. You miss everything in your new home but the one person you remember the most is your mom. Here are the reasons why you miss your mom more than anything else:

Waking up on your own


There is no one to bear you NAKHRAS anymore and you have to get up on time.

Breakfast is not the same anymore 


You mom is not there to pamper you and to get your favorite breakfast ready.

When having tea is no longer fun


Tea time earlier meant spending more time gossiping with your mom. Now, having tea with the people who hardly share a common interest with is not at all exciting.

When you dress up, you do not get hundred percent true feedback about you look.

The earlier weekend cooking has now become a daily routine and not nearly as much fun.


When after a hectic day at the office, you want to have maa ke hath ka khana and then you realize she is not around and you yourself have to take the lead.


You can’t throw your tantrums anymore. Adjustments, adjustments, adjustments!


When you see her pics


This sweet lady is an angel in your life and has the most wonderful smile in the world. Her pics remind you of her charm.

When you have had a terrible day


Your mom can read your face and whenever you felt down she was there to love you always.

This is the life, her love is the most precious asset I life. Love her as much as you can and do not leave a chance to bring a smile to her face. She loves you like no one can.

Written By: Suniti Bahl

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