To let anything grow and flourish it is essential that we keep giving our efforts. Same like the deposits we make in our bank account that make us rich eventually, we need to make emotional deposits to our relationship to make it rich with understanding, compatibility, love and care. It isn’t enough to invest in a relationship once and forget it. Rather you need to put your constant efforts to make your relationship grow to the limit of happiness.

You need to make your relationship emotionally purposeful and here are some tips that will help you in it.

Take out time for small things


You might have a tiresome day and must be bone breaking tired but when you reach home and your wife asks you for a little help rather than saying I am tired you must give her your helping hand. These small things do not make difference alone but cumulatively they do wonders to your relationship.

The continuous emotional contribution


Notice your partner and when she finds you noticing give her smile back. The emotions attached to your relationship are what make the bond stronger and offer stability and compatibility to your relationship.

Stop blaming, start complaining


If you didn’t like something in your partner you have the right to complain about it but blaming is really a defense mechanism in a relationship. Your complaints might be entertained but blames might kill the relationship.

It is necessary to say


Yes, you need to tell them how important they are in your life and how much you love them. Never ever get tired of saying those three magical words and see how your relationship flourishes.

Pamper Yourself


If you will take care of yourself you will be able to take care of your partner well. Take rest, eat good, exercise and have a fix beauty schedule.

Work at your relationship


You might have your own ups and downs in a relationship; this doesn’t mean you would stop investing your time in it. Deal with the hard and good time equally and enjoy the relationship to the fullest.

Support each other in every aspect


The best of the rest, you must support your partner in chasing every dream of his/her life. They need your support in this and this is why the relationships are meant. Share your dreams with your partner and seek their support as well.

If you follow these steps life would never be plain, old vanilla rather you will always cherish the many flavors that the life serves you on your platter.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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