You must have met your husband through your Dad if it was an arranged marriage, it happens when you agree to your dad to find a suitable partner for you and you seriously had no idea about the extraordinary match-fixing skills he HAD. He must have pooled you up with a number of interesting profiles, of men you could marry. As this was just the start, you must be enjoying finding faults with their looks, education or the place where they stayed. You also must have kept refusing the rishtas and thought soon he would give up. But he was not to give up so easily and within few days, he found a profile you could not find fault at and hence, you were supposed to meet him up. This is the mantra for an arranged marriage to happen, when your dad and mum like boy’s family, you have no reason to say no! So initially you went with their decision and agreed to meet the guy. Any girl would have checked his Facebook and Linkedin profiles and if found them decent or seemed to be cute in the pictures but face to face meeting was to be arranged.


Several thoughts surround your mind, if things go well, he will be the one who you will live with, and will be there with you till death takes you apart from each other. Ultimately things were at the place and it was a yes from both the sides.


It is certainly not that, you instantly fall in love, or start to rely on him and share your deepest secrets. Initially, you find it difficult to communicate and express yourself. Difficult, because you have agreed to spend rest of your life with the person, you are not even comfortable with. When it happens, it is the time to open up with him a bit and make him your friend. Go for movies, dates and spend as much time as you can together. This way, you will make him a part of everything around you and you both will open up.


Since you both become friends; you’ll be able to share every little thing with each other. And then you will kind of have started to miss talking to him when he is busy with work. You don’t even realize if you have become fond of him or started to love him, but what you will surely be aware of is that your dad did a right job in finding such a wonderful person. Yes! Dad, you won.

Written By: Suniti Bahl

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