One day a woman never forgets is the day of her marriage. The day she leaves her family that has been her home for all these years of marriage is no longer hers and she has to move in an entirely new family. The Indian customs say a woman has to move to her husband’s home after marriage. This tradition sets a completely different scenario for a woman and she wishes of having a family that would love and care for her as the same way her family did.


The marriage is the biggest transition for any woman in her life.


Generally, Indian society is somewhere male dominating and that makes this transition more fearsome. Some families have adopted the change needed for a long time. The son or daughter of any family must be treated same because Indian moral values tell that that child is mutual thus they must not be discriminated.

A bride must be considered as a daughter in her marital home.


Some families have set this bar up to the mark and treat their daughter-in-law as their daughter. This beautiful orientation behavior has set a new trend in the society.  The women now feel more comfortable and claim their in-laws as their own family. The father of the groom has a significant role to play in this transition. He is said to be the most strict member of the family and thus he is expected to be more humble for this change to be fruitful. A bride can say my Father-in-law is my father when he understands her comfortable level and needs. She is expected to be responsible but she must also have the freedom to talk freely and share whatever she feels.  She must be given full opportunity to put her point and her opinion must be considered in any decision the family go under. When a bride is treated as a daughter then only she can accept her Father-in-Law as her Father.

The bond shared by bride and father-in-law must be exactly as between a daughter and her father.

Written By: Fenny Luthra

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