Being a woman is tough rather the toughest job on earth. You need to meet the ends in every possible way. A woman has to readily available to serve the needs of her family, her friends and yes, her career. Amidst all the serving and hard work that a woman do to be just perfect there comes a time when she thinks to quit; Quit As a Woman.

Weird it may sound, but this is the cruel reality of every woman who is a multitasker. She takes care of her home, her husband, her kids, her in-laws, her own parents, her work and everything else that relates to any of these lives. She combats with many things in her life to make the best life for everyone else. But, what about her, she slowly quits herself as a woman and become rather a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law and everything except a woman. This calls off the balance of life as the emotional deposits get suppressed and when burst, they bring a big storm which makes the worst of all the things.

Only you have the power to stop this storm at the time because you know you are a “WOMAN”. Here’s what you can do:

Enough of the sacrifice


You wanted to be the best mother, wife, daughter-in-law, boss, and daughter in the world but it is very important that you be the best woman first. You need to take some essential time out for yourself to evaluate what and who you are. Some time to relax, think and find out the best way to cultivate yourself as a woman.

Live your dreams


Do not let go your goals for anything in this world. You may compromise with them but letting them fade away in a blur is the biggest mistake you will do and regret in the future. Follow your dreams and make your partner a part of your journey. Trust us; this is a great way to chase your goals.

Say it loud


Do not keep your feelings with you, rather you need to speak them out and let your dear ones know where you are feeling ignored, over-burdened, tired, and sick and depressed. You feel bad, speak it out and let others know what has cause you feel bad. If kept for a long time the feelings could kill you inside.

Celebrate being a woman, you’re worth it


Do not let the burden of multitasking kill the woman inside you. Celebrate every moment of your life and make yourself happy in little things that you like. Cook your favorite food and relish it with your partner. Play with your kids and relive your childhood. Do not let the negativity take a toll on you rather just see how much love you have all around.

It might be tough at times to fulfill every obligation but this is what makes you a woman, the alternate name of possibilities. Just rock in your role as a woman while you act all the other supporting roles in your life.

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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