If you love your partner, fight with them, yell at them and make them feel your rage. You might be wondering what has gone wrong with us all of a sudden. From being a love spreading blog how suddenly we have gone the other way round. There is nothing wrong here as we are only cultivating love in your life just in a way of disguise.

You heard that right. At time negativity in our life is the best way to give way to positivity. The fights, the disdain and the misunderstanding in a relationship are some things that boost your relationship in a healthy way. Though, you must know what the right limit is and where you had to take a stop. The one couple that shouts more than they do talking is the last to break up their relationship. Here are some reasons why you should fight the good fight for a healthy relationship:

A fight symbolizes that you care


Fighting means you care for the other person as it is always better to be vocal than to keep the things inside. A fight demands you to complain and ask for a solution which is way better that just walking over. You are two individual with two minds and no two minds think alike. Fighting is a sign that you are at a point where you two need to think and contemplate on something.

Fighting means keeping each other sane and healthy



Holding onto anger is like drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die, not our words though but Gautam Buddha has to strike the exact point we are explaining you here. You blurt out your anger while you fight with your partner and so not hold back the stress and the undue pressure. If you love your partner and want to see them healthy, fight with them.

Fighting proves you’re Honest


It is a real fight only that shows off the real you. You cannot fake while in anger and a good fight gives you the perfect opportunity. It is only the time of anger and frustration that you let the other person know how exactly you feel and think. Being honest is one of the traits of an angry mind and soul.

Fight leads to a makeup session


Last but not the least one amazing benefit of fighting to your relationship is a great session of love and pleasure. Let’s be honest and accept that all of us love makeup $sex after a fight. It is not only a way to patch up but strengthens the physical and mental bond you have in your relationship.

It is not always bad to fight at the time you should, just to make your relationship healthy and your love bond stronger.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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