A perfect hairstyle is just the cherry on the cake that you need on your Big Day. When you are all dolled up in your bet of the clothes a shabby hairstyle is the last thing that you would dream of. And, of course, not most of us know the art of tying our strands in the best of the hairstyles. This is where e need the help of a pro, who knows the exact nitty gritty of the trade.

Having a professional hairstylist next to you when you get ready to become the bride is a must. However, you cannot trust every next hairstylist you meet to give you the perfect makeup on your wedding day. So, to make sure that you have the best of the hairstylist at your service here are something that you must keep in mind. Be attentive now:

Stay prepared


You are meeting your hairstylist today?? So, where is your homework? I mean you must have some ideas to share with the hairstylist so that he/she might get to know about your taste. Here, one thing that you need to understand is that the hairstylist does not know anything about your likes and dislike. It is you who have to tell and show what your tastes really are.

File it on


You need to ask your hairstylist to show you some of his/her work and as he illustrates his art to you, you need to document it. Be it your favorite hairstyle or any specific hairstyle that you need to mix up; you need to click pictures or note the details down to let the hairstylist know what you actually liked.

The hiring terms


You need to make your hiring terms pretty clear before finalizing any hairstylist. You must decide whether you need a hairstylist at your place or would you be going to his salon? Whether he/ she would use his/her own products or you will be providing your personal stuff? How long do you require his/ her service as you might need your hairstylist with your throughout the wedding for touchups? Once you are done with such decisions you must finalize the deal.

Calmly suggest your additions


It’s the D-day and the hairstylist is working on your hairs. If in between you find something going wrong, just be calm and let the hairstylist know what exactly you want. He/ she must be a professional but at times things do not fall into place. Hence you need to be attentive and keep on checking if the hairstyle is going all as planned.

Pretty small things but, they are of great importance. Keeping these things in mind will lead you to a striking hairdo that leaves a twinkle in every eye.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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