There come many moments in our life where we have the option of telling either the truth or a lie. When with the people we loved, the situation becomes a bit complicated and the only way to come out of it is telling a little white lie. Let us be honest and accept that most of us have done this in a relationship. Yes, we have had said lies many times to keep the blunders away from the relationship. But, have you ever thought of the consequence.

A lie can save you at the moment or prevent the hurt that the truth might cause to the people you love. But, a lie is always a lie and the time is a wicked player as well, waiting for an opportunity to knock you down on the floor. Here is why a white lie is a big deal:

What when they get to know?


You told a lie and everything went well. You are happy, your partner is happy and the world itself is a happy place. But, after a year or say a few months when the truth reveals what would be the reaction of your partner. Will he/she be able to let go the whole thing? You might have said the lie to save the moment but it may destroy the coming years of your life.

A relationship based on a lie


Once you lie you didn’t your relationship of not being loving, trustworthy and healthy. No matter what had happened you would never lie to the person you love the most in the world. This is killing the relationship and snatches the authenticity of the relationship.

The trust is taken away


The relationship is all about honesty, trust, and faith. Once broken these are a few things that may never be mended again.  With a simple lie, you take away the feeling of unison and honesty from the love bond. The understandability of a relationship is lost and growing together seems to be a far impossible goal to attain.

The rising insecurities


Let’s assume you said a lie, got caught and your dear partner forgave you for your wrongdoing. You live happily ever after. But, the loosened thread of trust will always haunt your relationship either in the form of suspicion from your partner or as a sense of insecurity. In both ways, it will do no good to the relationship.

It is always better to show up some courage and speak out the truth. Why deny a relationship that is all about love and trust. Remember physically hurt can be healed but emotionally hurt may never be cured.

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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