Do you know that the most lovey and dovey couple have their own flaws in the relationship? Yes, no matter how much they love each other, how they couldn’t live apart and how they can’t imagine the world without their better half, there are always some facts that they keep from their beloved partner. You might be surprised to know how is it possible that two people keep secrets in their relationship after all the love they do to each other.

As per a research, there are some common and not-that-important things that husbands and wives keep from each other despite the trust in their relationship. Eager to know, so are we to tell. Here are some of common of the things that husbands and wives keep secret from each other:

What do they do in their free time?


It’s well after marriage that you love to spend every single second with your partner but there comes a time of saturation and you need some time for your own self. This is when you have to say a little lie about being busy while you pamper yourself with your favorite pass time be it a sport, TV, Salon or an outing with friends. Couples often lie on this term.

What happens when they forget conveying things?

Communication Gap-03

To err is human and a couple in a relationship is a human indeed. It happens when you forget to tell your partner about a program you have to attend and then you tell them that you were just invited.

What do they feel about their in-laws?


Your in-laws might be great but there would be one thing about them that would irritate you a lot and despite the irritation levels, you are not able to tell your partner about your feelings. This is where you are keeping the secret.

What were their past relations like?


No husband and wife like to discuss their past relationships and in some way, this is something good. You should never mention your previous relationship to your partner in any context as it might harm your relationship.

How do they feel while being physical?


Call it an inhibition or the shy nature of the Indian talking about our bedroom experiences even with our partner is a big thing. Often couple keeps their physical likes and dislike as a well-kept secret from their partner.

What are their financial responsibilities?


This one is for the guys as they have the more financial burden on them (come on we cannot go against the patriarchy. The man in the relationship often hides the amount of debt they own. They are worried what their lady would think about their capabilities.

How much money they have as secret savings?


Indian ladies have a tendency to keep some savings as a secret and they never tell their partner how much do they have in their secret kitty. Obviously, the savings are for the good but they are always a secret.

These are some of the common secrets that the husbands and the wives keep from each other. Now that you know them go ask your partner are these the secrets in your relationship as well.

Written By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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