Humans are the most intelligent species on earth. It has been trying to get its hand on almost anything and when we fail we blame it on others. Isn’t it? Take a second and rethink. When was the last time you took the responsibility for your actions? You must be consoling yourself I am damn sure yeah it was the fault of my colleague, sister or your wife. But hold on, do think doesn’t our life moves along the path we trace for it. We are the one controlling it. Everything in life is about attitude, how you visualize your life, what action would you take, what kind of life partner you want.


Today I will present you the man living the life of happiness. But he is more different, you must be saying yeah another billionaire. You are speculating in a wrong direction. We are talking about Nick Vujicic- the man who was born without limbs.



Yeah, initially he as a child was hopeless and never thought that he would even go to college and can lead a normal life. But sooner he recognized that he was different than others. He overcame the ignorance, discrimination and raised himself in life. He decided to use his disability to help people and transform their lives. He says if he can play golf, do fishing and swimming without limbs then anyone can do anything. He believes the thing which matters the most is how well you finish. He isn’t like other motivational speakers who say to stay and think positive and everything will be alright.



He has decorated his life with his beautiful wife Kanea and two sons. He calls his life ridiculously good. He has spoken in 57 countries for 3000 times on several topics of bullying, inspiration, persistence and determination. He believes that no matter what circumstances are you can always overcome them.


He met his wife in Dallas, Texas at a small event where he was invited as a speaker and she was an attendee. It was love at the first sight. They developed their chemistry very slowly but it was worth it. Nick went into personal crisis as his couple of businesses failed three months later but Kanae stayed and supported him by opting for a job of a nurse. That’s when he decided she would be his wife. Since then there is no looking back. They are raising two cute kids among kisses and hugs. His disability was never a concern for her because the perspective and always trying nature of nick has inspired her to share the love she has for him. She is more than better half of him and always supports him in his actions. If she would not be there then nick still would have been pitying himself sitting in a corner thinking that he is not more than a burden on others. She has a great part of the Nick we see today.


<3 <3 Life isn’t about loving the perfect one, it is about loving perfectly<3 <3

Written By: Fenny Luthra

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