It is never easy to let go off a relationship. The feeling of rejection, hurt, guilt and betrayal keep you captivated until long. Handling a breakup is a tough job but keeping yourself off your “Ex” is even tougher. Yes, when in a failed relationship we find it really hard to not keep following our “Ex”. The primary reason of this is non-acceptance of the reality and misery. We wish to be in their life in some way or other even after we had a breakup. It’s Strange but its human nature.

However, they are some potential dangers if one keeps chasing his/her Ex. Here are the consequences that one might face if he/she doest let it go:

You may not be able to overcome


You were in a relationship which did not last. Come on, it’s over now and you have to come out of the weepy and sympathy seeking cover of yours. Things happen but that won’t stop the world from revolving. You need to keep your already done stuff aside and start afresh. If you will keep walking with the burden of your previous relationship you will never reach to the door of a new relationship.

Happy Ex, indeed a problem


You might become too judging after your breakup. While you will judge the reasons of your relationship you will also start judging the post-breakup life of your Ex. If he/she is happy indeed this is a problem for you as you think how can he/she enjoy life without you and this makes you nothing but mad.

You won’t be able to find someone better


If you keep chasing your Ex, you won’t be able to find the better match for you. You would be too occupied to keep track of your Ex’s activities and cannot spare a minute to look to all the opportunity passing you in your life.

Even if you find, It won’t last


Luckily, you got someone who is the best for you. The breakup is all done and now you are happy in a new relationship. But wait; are you still chasing your Ex?? Your partner will not at all take this crap. You need to be dedicated to your partner rather than sparing thoughts for your Ex.

You will compare


Comparison in a relationship is a big “NO” and most of the time the whole sole reason of an unsuccessful deed. If you keep chasing your Ex, you will never overcome him/her. This makes you compare your Ex with your partner now and things really do not go too well.

What’s done is done there is no way you are going to cry over it for a lifetime. Move ahead and let go of him/her, Love is at your door so stop bidding bye to your Ex and welcome the love in your heart.

Written By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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