Hey Daddy,

This letter of mine will surely surprise you! Since I was born, I have never written anything for you expect those wishes on your birthday and Father’s Day cards or the small lines on FB to let the world know that my Dad is the best. I always wanted to tell you so many things, but somehow the time was not right, but now as the date of my marriage is coming near, I can sense something behind that always enchanting smile of yours and this is something I have never seen before. Dad, you are my superhero, I love you more than anything else in this world, but that particular fear of me going away from you is clearly visible in your eyes and this is something, I have never seen before. Dad, I want you to know that your little girl is grown up now; you have to stop worrying about me and be a proud father.


I know Dad, you are scared of my future, and I know you still have the doubts and deep within you feel sad to see me go with the man I will be spending rest of my life with. Your apprehensions as a caring father are true PAPA, but I want to tell you one thing, “I AM YOUR DAUGHTER AND NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME”. You have been my Santa, and you have taught me more than you will ever know, there are many things I have learned from you unknowingly. PAPA, I still look up to you to fix my life and I always will, no one can ever take that right away from me. You made me learn how to walk, you fed me and taught me to hold a spoon, you made my hair, ironed my clothes, helped to make covers for my books, hosted Birthday parties for me and stood to wait for my tuition classes to finish. You sent me to school tours, though you were always worried if I will be able to take care of me.  You never said no to anything I asked for and now as I stand grown up, I can very well realize how hard it must have been for you, DAD.


And now, as I am getting married in four weeks, I know you are stressed up about the arrangements and money, but DAD what I want is you and mom spending time with me on my BIG Day. Because DAD, it is the two of you who matter the most, you are the two people, I can look up to for all my happiness, no matter how old I get.

Dad, it is going to be really tough for me to be on my own from now. You will not be there to check, if I have taken the quilt at night, I will not be able to wake up to your voice from now, and no one will offer me bed tea anymore. I will miss the silly fights I have with you. I want to tell you one more thing, I always hated the “hard chapattis” you dutifully make for me Dad when mom is not around, but I will miss them will I will be hungry Dad and will long to have them once more.


I will miss you the most when I do not feel well, because you know I only get well with the Maggi you make and medicines you get for me, Dad. I have a question to ask- why did I grow up so soon dad?

But Papa, let me tell you one thing, the man you have chosen for me is the best person, I could get. As much I know him, he respects you and mom just like his own. I am pretty much aware that fairytales exist only in books, but as far I have “YOU, MOM and HIM” by my side, I will be able to sail through the journey of life very smoothly.

Stop worrying Dad, I am your girl and you have made me strong and independent and these two qualities are my greatest wealth. You have taught me how to hold my head high and I promise I always will.

Written By: Suniti Bahl

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