Makeup artists are the real saviors for the brides to be! They are the ones who take care of your frizzy hair, tired eyes and the angry pimples popping out of your cheek. They do the wonders and turn you like a damsel just landed from the heaven!

Brides these days are pretty much aware of how they want to look on their big day. How about hearing the other part of the story (from the makeup artists of course!) and understand what home they want brides to do?

Book an artist more than 3 months ago


Yes, book a makeup artist even before the venue, the good ones get booked in advance months ago and then you have the second, third or forth choices left (sometimes not even that). Book a personal appointment with your makeup artist and take recommendations about the pre-bridal care.

One artist for all the functions


Brides often make this silly but big mistake. Choose only one artist as they will know what suits your face and how to bring out your best features. And you can rest assured of no similar look in any of the functions.

Just as Bipasha did…see how STUNNING she looked!

Seeing a dermatologist


Your makeup artist is not a doctor so do not wait for the miracles to happen. If your skin is pimple prone, visit a dermatologist well in advance. Makeup artists reveal, makeup on the pimples can lead to further infection or skin allergies. You can conceal the marks but not pimples or uneven ski n tone.

Use of new products 2 weeks prior to the wedding


This is a big NO! No! Trying new products 2 weeks prior to your wedding can turn into a disaster. They can cause allergies or infection. Take pre-bridal package as advised by the makeup artist and let the final round finish at least five days prior wedding.



It is good to get a waxing session done three to four days before the big day and if you have never gone for it before, better not start it now. It can lead to swelling, rashes or even bleeding.

Written By: Suniti Bahl

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