Why is that everybody else is getting married while I am still single, searching someone who may be my soul mate. Is this what bugs you the most?? Do not worry as there are many people like you. Love isn’t common for all. While some people find it pretty easy to find a perfect match the other suffers from loneliness.

There are many reasons that might have held you back from finding your mate. However, these seven reasons are the base of any other reason that explains; Why the hell are you still single?? Check out below:



The first and the very obvious reason of you being single is that you chose to be one. Yes, it is your choice whether you wish to get into a relationship or not. However, there might be some other reasons as well like you haven’t found the right one or you know the best person for you but fear to hesitate. Whatever be the reason of your choice making, if you are not forced to take up an option it is only you who could decide your status as single or committed.



The criterion that defines the best person for you is being a little too stringent for you. You can be termed as “Picky” if you do not choose someone despite many choices available. Think when was the last time you had a relationship if it’s been months or even years you need to loosen up a little and reframe your definition of perfection.



Desperation is the exact repelling point of attraction. Yes, the more you are desperate the uglier you become. Desperation is one feeling that can be read from miles and the mathematics could be done as what the individual exactly wants. This kills the relationship even before it takes a start.

Playing it Safe


You need to put your best foot ahead to walk the love path if you are waiting for love to come and hug you tight then this is the worst mistake that you would ever make. Destiny plays its role but everything in this world demands your efforts for the result to be seen. Be open to romance and try doing things that relate you to others.

The “Being Tied Down” Syndrome


Most of the people think that being in a relationship will kill their kill their independence and they would be tied down for everything. My dear friend, this isn’t what love is all about. Love promotes interdependence but from the positive side. The Being tied down syndrome may be a result of a bad past relationship or any exposure to a relationship that has been dominating.

Simply uninterested


One prime reason can be that you do not want to be in a relationship. Though, others in a relationship attract you but this not what you want for yourself. This may make you have more short-termed relationships and might be one-night stands, but a committed relationship is just not your thing.

You can’t give enough


You are self centric and cannot give the right amount of importance to the other person. Yes, you might be termed as selfish as there is very little difference between being self-centric and selfish. You are single because you have a high ego which you never let go. You need to hold your ego in a relationship but, a healthy relationship requires some amount of compromise and adjustment to run smooth.

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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