It’s hardly a week left for your wedding and look at your hair. Poor girl, what are going to do with these lifeless strands on the big day?  Surely they won’t do any good with your bedazzled attire and amazing makeup.

Hairs play a key role in giving the perfect finishing touch to any of your looks. And when we talk about your bridal avatar the hairs are indeed one of the key features of your look. You can anytime buy fake hairs but the grace of having those perfect strands of your own is far beyond comparison. If you wish to have long, thick and flawless hair on your big day here are some home remedies that would help you in this:



Our hair is made up of protein and the prime reason for hair fall or hair breakage is the decay of the natural protein. Hence to get the bounce back in your hair you need to replenish the lost amount of natural protein in your hair. Eggs are indeed a great way to give your hair a protein dose. Whisk two eggs in a bowl perfectly, now apply it to your dry hair and let it sit for at least half an hour. Now rinse your hair with water and a mild shampoo. Repeat once in a week for amazing results.

Orange Juice


If you have dandruff in your hairs this is the best way to treat them. Orange juice helps you in getting the bouncy and thick hairs that have a refreshing smell. Peel a slice of Orange and make a good puree of it, apply this mixture on your hairs and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Now wash off the head with water and shampoo. Repeat once in a week and have thicker and fuller hair.

Coconut Oil


The best natural way to care for your strands is Coconut Oil. It is not only a natural growth booster but it also helps you in eliminating dandruff and roughness from your hair. Massage your head with coconut oil and let the oil sit overnight. Ensure that you put enough oil on the roots. Wash your head the next day with water and a chemical-free shampoo.



Another protein-rich substance that gives your hair’s smoothness and the perfect shine, the curd is a great way to boost your hair’s health. Apply curd on your dry hairs and let it stay for half an hour. Rinse it off with water and a shampoo and see the after effects. Curd is also effective for removing dandruff.

Olive oil


The miraculous benefits of Olive oil are known to all. It is the best way to pamper your hair. Massage your hair with olive oil and let the oil sit on the roots perfectly. For better results wrap a hot towel around your head. This helps in moisturizing your hairs and making them healthy.

These remedies would help you get the hairs like Rapunzel or may be better than her. Try them out and flaunt your long, thick hairs on your big day in a perfect hairstyle.

Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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