Christmas are times of celebration, times of togetherness with family. These special moments should be made all the more special with your loved ones. If you are wondering how to make Christmas’2016 more special and memorable with your loved, we have some great and fun ideas for you.

How to make Christmas’2016 special?

Wondering on how to make Christmas special this year, we have some great plans for you and your partner?

Buy Special Gifts


Christmas is the time of buying gifts for your loved ones. So if you are planning to make Christmas a memorable occasion, why don’t you buy a gift for your partner he/she has desired for long. The gift will show your partner how much you care for them. Also you can attach a sweet & romantic note on top of the gift stating, “Santa gave me the most special gift – you!”

Baking Christmas Sweet


Another great way to make the occasion memorable is by baking your partner’s favorite cookies or cake on Christmas eve. Even if you don’t know how to make it just read the recipe book, follow the instructions and you are good to go. Garnish the dish in the end with a heart sign to show your affection for your partner.

Spreading Christmas decorations at home 


The times of festivals are times to decorate your houses beautifully. Christmas gives the high festive spirit to couples to decorate their houses in a beautiful manner. Christmas trees, lights, stockings and so much will make your house look fantastic and cosy this Christmas. You both can go and do some Christmas shopping for house together.

Gifting for kids


You both as parents should bring some nice gifts for your kids inculcating the festive spirit among your children. Spending quality time on Christmas with family, sharing gifts, decorating the house will show your children the feeling of oneness and how families make great together during festive seasons.

So get ready and all prepared to do these things together with your partner this Christmas.

Written by-Kriti Nanda 

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