Daddy’s little girl is all grown up now and ready to marry the love of her life. Time flies with a blink of the eye and the little princess grows up to be the queen of a whole new world. Every girl dreams about this big day of her life. The excitement is something to be seen when the news of the marriage breaks in, however, the excitement is quickly followed by nostalgia and the pain of leaving your parents behind while you start your new life in your new home.

Yes, a girl child is doomed to leave her beloved parents and move in with her new partner in life. Real tough it is and tougher is the bearing the pain that a girl feels while packing her stuff to leave for the new home. While you pack all the glittery and shimmery stock there are a few things in your home that you need to carry with you to your new home as a souvenir of your life back at the parent’s place:

A family photograph of you as a child


Childhood is the best time of our entire lifetime. The unconditional love that we receive and give to the world makes this time unforgettable. Between all the rushes of the marriage, pack that one photograph in which you have your entire family together. This photograph will remind you of your golden days in your daddy’s home.

Your mom’s old saree


Remember that saree in the mother’s closet that you always wanted to wear. Ask your mom to give it to you now. Trust us she would be more than happy to present you that particular saree from her collection. The feeling of love and pride would flash on her face as you ask her for so.

A pen from your father’s collection


Unlike us, our parents are specific about their things. They have a collection of things that they use with extensive care and keep it always safe. Ask your father to give you a pen from his collection to take to your new home as a souvenir. He will be on cloud nine with pride.

Your mother’s secret recipe of your favorite dish


You might not cook in your new home but the traditions ask you to prepare something and serve to your new family members. What can be a better idea to present than the dish that you love made by your mother? Ask her for the recipe and take it along with you.

The watch you got as a gift


While you would be leaving most of your old stuff behind, do not miss that watch which you got from your parents when you came first in your board exams. Yes, we all get that one watch as a token of appreciation from our parents sometimes. It is a precious gift that needs to be taken care off.

Your old diary


What times they were when we used to scribble in the diaries. Those cardboard bound papers have some darkest of the secrets of our youth. Keep that diary safe with yours. Sometimes when you sit alone you might find reading this diary a way to connect to your old days.

Your music or movie collection


If you are a bride who loves watching movies and listening to the music you must take your collection along with you. This would be a great way to connect to your bachelorhood while you step into your new schedule with new roles and responsibilities.

These are some cherished possessions that you must carry along with you when you start the new phase of your life.

  Written By: Swati Gaurav Raheja

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