Breakups are painful. They leave two souls distraught, devastated and distressful. The pain of being apart from your lover may be the worst pain on the planet earth but at times you need to make this move in order to lead a better life. Falling in love is simple and there are times when we fall for a person who is not a perfect match to our personality. This calls for a not so compatible relationship which is doomed to be short-lived.

Parting ways is the best option in such relationship but the pain remains inevitable. However, there are some graceful ways that might help you in separating from your partner. How here you go:

Be sure of what you are willing


It is not that once you said that “IT’S OVER” you would be able to patch up with your partner again. No, once done is done. So before you proceed with your partner conveying that you no more feel the spark, ensure that you are confirmed of the step that you are about to take.

Talk to someone unbiased


It is always better to talk to someone who is the best person to rely on an opinion. You might be in an emotional state and taking the right decision would not be an easy task here. Talking to someone and opening up in front of him or her is the best thing you could do. They might tell you if you are right or just over reacting over a simple thing.

Talk when you both are ready


You might have a bubbling volcano of things to be discussed but same won’t be the case with your partner. He/she might not be prepared for a breakup conversation as you start blurting your concerns. This might make the situation worse and put you in trouble.

Stop, and listen


Once you both find time for the conversation say whatever you have to say but wait till the time your counterpart is done with his/her share. It is possible that the other person might have some different views about your relationship that you must know about.

NO to Ghosting


Running away from a situation or not responding to the person is the worst way you could part ways from your once been sweetheart. You need to have the guts to face the person and tell him/her that you couldn’t continue as you don’t think that it works anymore.

It’s over once it’s over


Do not try that break therapy. It is just another excuse you two are giving each other in a relationship. You guys need to understand that once you feel that it is over it has to be over. You cannot look for an alternate like a break or something.

These are some simple ways that help you in parting ways gracefully rather than a messed up end of a lovely relationship. It is tough to accept but at times a relationship needs to be ended gracefully than to be continued.

Written By: Chahat Ani

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